The Birth of the Snazzy Motivator

Uncategorized Nov 09, 2017

When people see me walking down the street, they really see me. It’s not because I’m yelling for their attention. It’s not because I’m overly obnoxious. It’s actually my shirts.
I’m what my wife calls a “custom shirt guy.” I don’t like wearing something I know other people will wear. I’d prefer to stand out. My style is a reflection of the way I live my life, and how I hope I can help others live theirs. 

The Snazzy Motivator’s Values
 The best word I have to describe my   style is: snazzy. Being snazzy doesn’t necessarily have to be about the shirts (though it definitely helps). Snazzy goes beyond stylish,  a desire to be snazzy is a desire to be an individual. What’s most important to me is finding a unique style and appreciation I can bring to this world that nobody else can: 

It’s about attitude - knowing you look good and acting accordingly
It’s about confidence - being comfortable with your decisions and flaunting them
It’s about individuality - not letting others influence your decisions
It’s about style - finding your own, and wearing it proudly
It’s about leaving an impression - having those around you remember

So how can you become snazzy?

Okay it’s not all about the shirts. What I’m getting at is that your dreams, your goals, your desires should be completely your own. Through this blog, and online, I want to take your life and snaz it up to it’s full potential. To start, here’s a few questions to ask yourself:

What are your goals and are you proud to flaunt them?
How are you talking about your dreams?
What’s your feelings toward your dreams? 

 Have you kept your dreams in the back of your closet   collecting dust?
 Are you wearing dreams proudly?
 Do you worry what others will think   about your dreams?

 Are you letting others dictate or sway your dreams?
 What’s a goal that’s completely for you?
 Are you comfortable doing something for yourself?
Are you living your dream? Or wearing somebody else’s?
Are you proud to tell people about what you’re pursuing?
Is your dream completely your own?

Leaving an Impression:
Do others remember you and your dreams when you meet them?
Are your dreams lifting others up?
Are you attracting the attention of positive people who will lift you up?
My goal is to help you find motivation and desire to live your snazziest. Through a series of online content I’m going to help you through your journey toward your full potential, and helping you look good while doing it. It’s time to dust off that dream at the back of your closet and take it for a walk into the rest of your life.


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